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Updating My Local SEO Offerings

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

For the past week, freshly inspired after attending SEMpdx in Portland, OR, I’ve been revamping one of the websites I use for marketing my local SEO services. That poor old site has not been updated in about 3 years. It had originally been desinged using old-school table based layouts. Now it’s sporting clean HTML/CSS coding.

The service offerings were a tad bit out of date with too much mention of directories for link building. Wow, I haven’t submitted a link to “free directories” in almost 2 years, I think. Yet the site was still talking about that outdated SEO crap.

No longer focused on just organic SEO I mention Google Maps optimization and geo-targeted pay per click too.

So, finally done, old-page redirects in place and all that jazz. Was contemplating adding a blog, but….don’t want to just yet.

Still gotta hunt down typo’s and that stuff. Some pages seem a bit weak, but good for now. :)

Oh, and I am actively seeking air conditioning and heating contractors in need of HVAC marketing.