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I’m Such a Nerd - Now a Wine Nerd

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

I make a living on the internet - that makes me a nerd. I build websites - that also makes me a nerd. And I do local search engine optimization - also the sign of a nerd. I love wine - and with that I’ve again become a nerd!

How much of a wine nerd do you ask? Well, I started a wine blog. I’m officially a wine nerd now. Beyond drinking it I seem to want to write about it.

Introducing the Wine Charlatan.

The Wine Charlatan

On the web nerd side of things the site uses responsive web design to reformat the layout and sizes of things to respond to different device screen sizes. Check it out.. open it on a full sized desktop monitor and grab the side of your browser window and shrink the width down to the size of a smartphone. You’ll see things change for tablet sizes and phone screen sizes.