Wrong Marker Locations in Google Maps

It was only a little while ago that Google switched its map data provider for the Google Maps service and already there are lots of reports of errors. Entire towns are missing in Alberta, streets missing in various locations, and oodles of reports of marker locations being off the mark by a few miles or more.

I just got word from a client today that their map marker had went awry. A customer of theirs had told them after trying to use Google Maps to find them. The marker was on the correct street, but over on the other end of town. After going into the Local Business Center control panel to try to edit their listing and move the marker I saw that inside the LBC it’s still pointing to the correct location on that map. Weird.

Wrong Location on the Public Maps

Wrong Marker Location in Google Maps

Correct Location Within The LBC Edit Listing Page

Correct Location

So I made a micro adjustment to the marker location in the LBC and re-saved it. We’ll see if anything happens over the next couple days. I have doubts.

User Generated Error Reporting

In the era of user generated content on the internet it appears that Google is simply going to rely on it’s users to fix things for them. Fine, I suppose. But a serious determent to some businesses that previously had correct locations and now have to wait an uncertain amount of time for things to be fixed, again.

In searching around on the TeleAtlas deal it appears that that is exactly the intent of this exclusive map data deal.

Google Maps has this error reporting page here where they point to where you can report errors to both TeleAtlas and Google. Mr. Maps himself, Mike Blumenthal, is saying that reporting such errors could take up to 6 months for the TeleAtlas updates to filter down to Google Maps. Ouch!

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3 Comments to “Wrong Marker Locations in Google Maps”

Stever on September 26th, 2008 wrote:

Seems this has been resolved already. The proper marker location is showing now. Maybe moving it slightly inside the LBC control panel was all that was needed to get the public Maps back on track.

But this is only for those businesses who’s marker location was moved in the new TeleAtlas data change. Those facing issues of streets missing or entire towns in the wrong location will have to go through the longer process of reporting errors to TA or Google and waiting for them to fix it.

kim (20 comments.) on October 1st, 2008 wrote:

If I get lost Google will come and find me?

Jon on April 30th, 2009 wrote:

Teleatlas has killed Google Maps. Every other online map has better data. Guess I’ll have to go over to the super difficult to use Live maps for accurate info.

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