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Working Remotely is Hard

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Being that I work from the internet I can, in theory, work from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection. And in testing that out right now I’m noticing some severe limitations. But it’s still good, just a lot to adapt too.

And I need a better laptop next time.

Distractions, Distractions

So I’m on a working vacation, so to speak, visiting family on the east coast. Lots of people want to spend some time with me, many of which are on their summer vacations and assume my working vacation is more vacation than work. On top of that there is lots I want to do to while I’m here and work takes a bit of a back seat at times.

This is my view from my “temporary office”;

I’d rather be sailing than working (more…)

Geo-Targeting AdWords PPC Campaigns : Part 2 - Keyword Targeting

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

In my previous post I covered geo-targeting PPC ads by IP but mentioned that the IP tracking system has flaws that let some users fall through the cracks. Here we will be creating new ad campaigns that attempt to cover these searchers. We’ll also expand on the ideas to apply them to ad and landing page copy to help improve click through rates and conversions.

Geo-Targeting with Location Keywords

For all the ads you’ve created using IP targeting you want to create another set, without setting the location preferences, that uses the same ad copy and landing pages except your keyword list will be slightly different. Here you will add the city name or community name into all your keywords. So, keeping with our previous examples in Houston, “kitchen cabinets” becomes “houston kitchen cabinets” for the ad groups that are targeting Houston metro and “pasadena kitchen cabinets” for the ads that target the community within the metro area.

Missed Opportunities for Beijing Olympic Broadcasters - It’s the Internet Stupid

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

In my previous post I ranted a bit about how YouTube was removing videos of the 2008 Beijing Opening Ceremonies. I still think its rather silly and a massive mistake on the part of the broadcast networks that are licensed to cover the Olympics.

The websites of NBC, CBC and the BBC, the networks providing Olympic content to the US, Canada and the UK, still have minimal footage of the Opening ceremonies online. I think this is a foolish mistake and a huge disservice to their paying advertisers. Why? They are not feeding the demand.

The Unsatisfied Demand for Opening Ceremony Video

This particular Olympic games are quite important/significant simply because they are being held in China. So what does China do? Put on the most spectacular/breathtaking opening ceremonies of all time. And we all want to see it, online. And see it again.

It was estimated that 1 Billion people watch the opening ceremony live on television. So there are 5 Billion who did not. How many of them now want to see the opening show? How many of the 1 Billion that did see would like to see it again?

To get a sense for the demand out there we can see how people are searching for the Beijing Games opening ceremonies on the internet. Here is what Google trends tells us;

Search demand for opening ceremony content


YouTube Pulls Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Footage as Fast as it Appears

Friday, August 8th, 2008

All day long I’ve been trying to see video footage of the opening ceremonies. I’ve caught a few clips here and there but the videos on YouTube are getting pulled down within minutes of them being uploaded. Seems the legal team at YouTube is working overtime to ensure no “IOC approved” footage gets shown. Delete, delete, delete. BASTARDS!

Blocked Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Footage

I want to see!


Geo-Targeting AdWords PPC Campaigns : Part 1 - IP Targeting

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Localized internet marketing is all about geo-targeting. A business servicing a specific geographic area wants internet traffic from primarily that region. Whether that traffic is organic search traffic, pay-per-click (PPC) search traffic, referral link traffic, or type-in direct navigation traffic you want it to be targeted to your specific area. This series of blog posts will focus on PPC and geo-targeting methods through Google AdWords for businesses that operate in one city or metropolitan area.