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I Do TV Advertising Too. Soon to Be Famous.

Monday, October 20th, 2008

So my friend/client runs a local shop that does window tinting and automobile paint protection. Nice little business. His biggest problem has been educating potential customers about the paint protection film (ppf) product. Basically letting them know it even exists.

His website ranks at the top of Google locally (of course, he has me behind it) and the window tinting acts to pull people in and exposes them to the PPF product. And a little spread by word of mouth. That alone is not enough. So we thought TV ads should do the trick.

The local TV network was offering to come up with the creative for an ad, no charge there, providing he bought the advertising space. Not a bad deal really. It is a small city so that is something the TV station needs to give away to sell local ad space.

Anyways, the ads they were coming up with, unfortunately were just not up to par and did nothing to really portray the product and educate customers. So I got to thinking. One night as I was about to fall asleep the idea popped into my head for a little story line that would make a great 30 second TV ad.

The Ad


New iGoogle with Left Nav Bar is the SUCK!

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

One year and one month after first publishing this post there is a new rash of complaints about iGoogle tabs on top vs. tabs on left. Previous methods of reverting to the old style of iGoogle by setting it to a different country version is no longer working. Seems everyone now gets the US version.

But there is a new cure to Google’s tab disease! Posted in the comments of this post was reference to a Firefox plugin that will remove those left hand tabs and place them back on top. Yay!!!!

If you’re not using FireFox as your web browser you’re shit out of luck. If your using Internet Exploder as your web browser you should give your head a shake. Join the rest of the cool kids and switch to FF.

Amazing how much I instantly hated this when it changed on me today. It’s really really bad. I liked having my tabs up top. Now on the side they eat up realestate on my well used (read full) iGoogle pages.

Left tabs on iGoogle interface is bad bad idea

Apparently Google rolled this new interface out and tested it on select iGoogle accounts a few months back. Did those testers happen to like it and give Goog the thumbs up? Are they, were they, on crack?


What’s a Business to Do? Have a BAILOUT Sale!

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Every small business in America is feeling the pinch of the market meltdown and the credit crunch. Some business are worried about making payroll while lines of credit dry up. And consumers are clamping up their pocket books, and fast.

We in the search marketing industry are busy urging our clients to stick with their search engine marketing campaigns through this period. Too us it’s obvious that SEO and PPC marketing are providing the highest rates of return on their marketing dollars, but we still need to ease clients fears.