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Playing with HTML5 for First Time

Friday, June 24th, 2011

I dabbled with HTML 5 for the first time last week. Built a small website for a Pool Cleaning company in Fort Worth, TX and decide to try using HTML5.

Me likey! Just scratching the basics, not doing any fancy geo-location stuff or anything.

Note, to make the new elements like header, footer, aside, section, article, etc… compatible for Internet Exploder all you need to do is include this HTML5 java script enabler.

On another site I built later for this painter in Kelowna, BC I had forgotten to include that piece of java script. Revealed the finished site to the owner, having failed to do all my cross browser checking, only to realize they were looking at it in IE8 and it was totally broken since it did not recognize nav tags. And with a huge number of people still on IE 8 and IE7, that java shiv is essential.

Appears my CSS Sticky Footer solution also works just fine with HTML5.