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Wrong Marker Locations in Google Maps

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

It was only a little while ago that Google switched its map data provider for the Google Maps service and already there are lots of reports of errors. Entire towns are missing in Alberta, streets missing in various locations, and oodles of reports of marker locations being off the mark by a few miles or more.

I just got word from a client today that their map marker had went awry. A customer of theirs had told them after trying to use Google Maps to find them. The marker was on the correct street, but over on the other end of town. After going into the Local Business Center control panel to try to edit their listing and move the marker I saw that inside the LBC it’s still pointing to the correct location on that map. Weird.


Hurricanes and Local Search

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

As most know Houston and Galveston got rocked this past weekend by hurricane Ike. The aftermath has been rather devastating and a few days later over 1 million people are still without power. Many local businesses will be suffering for a while before things can get back to normal, while others will be experiencing a boom time (tree removal crews and arborists as well as window repair guys). There are also opportunities here for local businesses online.

I have a client in Houston and Ike will be meaning a slow down for them for a bit, but may lead to a pick up in maintenance work later on as the city recovers.