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Congratulations America! Obama Wins

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

The state of Ohio was just called and it went to Obama. That looks to me like the clincher. Obama will take the west coast states of California, Oregon and Washington and that’s the election folks. He might still take Florida too, though he wont need it.

History in the making.

My very first post on this blog took note of Obama’s campaign and how he leveraged his offline presence to promote his online one. And yeah, I was routing for him. I’m Canadian and couldn’t vote.

I was routinely following the poll tracking at Nate Silver really has a great site there. he could however be doing things a bit better on the search optimization side of things, but oh well. He got plenty of media coverage anyways on TV, Newspaper, magazines and such anyways. I even caught him on the Colbert Report.

Anyways, interesting times ahead with a revitalized America in the works.

Congratulations Barak Obama. Too bad your grandmother couldn’t hold out for another day or two to witness it.