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Interesting Times in Canadian Politics

Monday, December 1st, 2008

My blog does not cover politics but oh well, I can’t resist. Here comes the coalition. Exactly what Steven Harper deserves.

Harper called an unwanted election. Did so against his own legislation for fixed election dates. Why did he do it? Because he saw he was loosing grip and the world was changing fast. Of coarse the government saw the shit-storm brewing in the economy and figured if they could run an election sooner rather than later they could hold onto power longer.

So the election happens and the conservatives squeek by a minority win. A minority win under those circumstances, forcing an election when we didn’t need one, means they lost. They needed a majority in order to have confidence in their government. They didn’t get that and what’s going now is the result.

Them putting forth a budget that attempted to bankrupt the opposition parties and not having any meat regarding economic incentive packages in light of the brewing global financial collapse (not to mention they still wont admit they need to run a deficit) was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Harper is done.

Being that my blog ain’t political, if you want to comment on this issue then head on over to my girlfriend Kim’s site and comment on her post about this Canadian Coalition Government stuff.

Update (dec. 4)

OMFG, the Governor General suspended Parliament! I am so furious. Furious.

Again, just go comment about proroguing Canada’s government over here.