Message to Google, Please Fix Gmail (iGoogle version)

Two months ago Google rolled out its new version of iGoogle. Some interesting new features. And a few well hated changes. And I do mean HATED. I wrote a pretty popular post about those changes and the dreaded left tabs. So far that post has received 100 comments from others complaining. And the suck still persists :(

I have a fair sized monitor so I can live with the piss poor tabs on the side (c’mon Google, it really is not hard to put them back up top. Just a lil bit of CSS code). But what continues to annoy me, aggravate me, even piss me off, to the point of yelling very fine expletives at my computer, are the problems with Gmail. The iGoogle version of Gmail.

Everything about the normal version of Gmail is great. I love it. But the iGoogle version, OMFG! It sucks.

Gmail Does Not Save Drafts

This is by far the worst problem with the iGoogle Gmail. I’ve lost a fair number of emails that I had been carefully crafting. Something happens in the browser and presto, Gmail switches back to the inbox. I hunt for the email in the drafts folder, sent folder, trash folder, but too no avail. It’s gone. poof.

I do try now to remember to only use the iGoogle Gmail box to see new mails coming in and then click over to the full version of email to reply to them. But I don’t always remember to do that. In fact, I shouldn’t have to. It should be auto saving drafts for me, like the full version.

Gmail Does Not Add Signatures

Ya, there is no support for your personalized signature settings you created in your Gmail account. So no signatures get attached to the bottom of your emails.

Gmail Does Not Show Clickable Links

Any links that appear in a received email just appear as plain text. Not underlined in blue and you cant click on them. Ya, you guessed it. That sucks.

So what is it with Google on these issues? There are oodles of complaints about these things all over the net. On blogs, in forums even in Google Groups. But it seams like nothing is going to be done about it.

I’m on the verge of just removing Gmail from my iGoogle page. If I loose one more draft email one more time then I may just have to remove it altogether.

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6 Comments to “Message to Google, Please Fix Gmail (iGoogle version)”

kim (20 comments.) on December 17th, 2008 wrote:

The no clickable links suck ass big time.

Tom Eaton on February 19th, 2009 wrote:

How do I send a message to Google? I have a number of issues to raise, but have not found any path to get my comments to anyone at Google who might be accumulating data on problems or gripes. Is there such a path?

Stever on February 19th, 2009 wrote:

Tom, good luck with that.

Try this

For many of those services you will see a Forum in Google Groups. You can post problems in there. It tends to be a one sided conversation in many cases, so don’t expect a reply, though I’m sure they read them and take the best suggestions into consideration.

Martin Kelley (1 comments.) on March 3rd, 2009 wrote:

Thanks for posting this. I just took a second look at iGoogle and was looking around for some sort of way of turning on signatures. It also doesn’t seem to let me change the “From” address, a total problem since my public email has my domain but runs through Gmail. Both of these issues are deal breakers for me and I think a few lost emails would make the non-autosaving a deal breaker too. Sticking to the main Gmail…

Jeremy (1 comments.) on March 3rd, 2009 wrote:

I’m totally with you. This post is sorta old and they still haven’t fixed it. The igoogle gmail has ‘eaten’ several of my replies too. It pisses me off to no end. The bottom line, is they don’t really care about gmail at all. I mean, it’s still a frickin beta for cryin out loud. The bummer is that the normal version is great, and I just get tripped up because I get lured into replying with the igoogle version. Lame..

Terri on July 31st, 2009 wrote:

Please if anyone knows how to remove gmail from igoogle, please tell me. I am haveing all kinds of problems now with my gmail account ever sense I clicked for it to be on igoogle.

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