5 Reasons the Top 7 Bloggers Write Top 10 List Posts and a Few Reasons they Now Annoy Me

Seems everyone got the notice that top 5, top 7, top 10, top 11 or top 38.2 lists make for good blog posts. Here is a sample of what I can see in my RSS feed readers today, in order by numbers of things in their list.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some good stuff in a few of those, but man, the internet sure likes to take a good idea, run with it, bastardize it, then beat it to an agonizing bloody death. With a side dish of spam. Big heaping dish. Like those 700 pound people who need a crane to get them out of the house would eat.

The thing is… about good things…once everyone is doing it, it’s not so good anymore. Boring. Been there, done that, saw it re-tweeted a dozen times.

Top X lists are still effective, people like them, their are easy to write, easy for readers to scan and digest, etc., etc… But it’s time for something different. A new bandwagon for everyone to jump upon. I suggest we cut right to the chase. Top 1 lists!

Here’s a few examples;

  • The single best reason to hire a Local SEO (shameless plug)
  • The #1 Reason to Use Wordpress as you content management system
  • The Best Way to Make More Money
  • One PHP Class Every Programmer Should Know
  • The Only Reason to Trade the Markets with 3x Leveraged ETF’s. 3 times leverage…Duh!
  • One Search Engine Headed to the Dead Pool, Yahoo

Ok, interweb land, get going before this next bandwagon takes off without you. What’s your single best tidbit you can blog about?

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One Comment to “5 Reasons the Top 7 Bloggers Write Top 10 List Posts and a Few Reasons they Now Annoy Me”

laurac (1 comments.) on October 28th, 2009 wrote:

ouchie ;) … I hear you though.

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