YouTube Pulls Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Footage as Fast as it Appears

All day long I’ve been trying to see video footage of the opening ceremonies. I’ve caught a few clips here and there but the videos on YouTube are getting pulled down within minutes of them being uploaded. Seems the legal team at YouTube is working overtime to ensure no “IOC approved” footage gets shown. Delete, delete, delete. BASTARDS!

Blocked Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Footage

I want to see!

There is an official Olympics channel on YouTube but its only accessible for those in countries where the IOC did not sell broadcasting rights. I, of course, am not in one of those countries so I’m not allowed to view the channel. And none of the networks that have the rights are showing video online yet :(

Can you say missed opportunity?

I’m pissed. I just want to see the opening ceremonies. I don’t care who has or does not have copyright. pffft. I just want to see it.

I did however get to see 2 videos and WOW! I can’t wait to see the rest. Those videos had been removed by the time I finished watching them.

Booooo IOC, booooo YouTube, booooo Copyright lawyers.

Yay, China.

And, Go Canada!

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3 Comments to “YouTube Pulls Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Footage as Fast as it Appears”

Stever on August 9th, 2008 wrote:

The shear demand of people wanting to watch the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies on YouTube, and them removing all the videos, has left open a huge opportunity for spammers.

As a sample of the demand for opening ceremony vedio clips, when you do a search in YouTube, type “beijing” and the suggested search drop-down has opening ceremony terms in #6 and 7. Type as far as “beijing ol” the suggested search has opening ceremonies terms in #4, 5, 6 and 10.

Lots of people looking, not many finding. Enter the spamtards.

One spamtard in particular has left over 200 videos, all are lame advertisements for selling spam email lists.

It appears the interwebs are broken :(

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